Khinnanauli Rest House Corbett

Khinnanauli-Forest-Rest-House-Corbett-Tiger-ReserveKhinnanauli Rest house is located in the midst of Khinnanauli Chaur! Khinnanauli one of the newest rest houses in Corbett makes a great place to see the tigers. Khinnanauli is also reckoned as the shortcut gateway to the other corners of the park. Khinnanauli is situated in the middle of Khinnanauli chaur, this forest lodge is an excellent tiger territory. It is one of most recently built convalescent homes Corbett. Its strategic site offers an easy escape to the various parts of the park.

Since these are the V.I.P lodge and this is also surrounded by the solar fence. if you are staying here then you can do the safari in Dhikala Zone.

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